Industrial Ventilation
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Over the last 45 years, we have served the industrial, commercial, public institutions and agricultural sectors. That has accumulated body of knowledge and know-how that is recurrently streams to the projects and products  we design and sell annually.

Our engineering Credo is Integrity

We believe that integrity is the foundation of every search for excellence; design excellence, manufacturing, installations and mostly safety, all steams from  integrity.

Every RFQ  that comes in is firstly reviewed and analyzed. We review the request industry, its application and answer with a general assessment pricing.

When an order comes in we review it again. This time to finalize details. Many times we will offer improved engineering.  We don’t mind being out spoken when we believe it’s a better engineering practice.

When that is finalized, we detail design for manufacturing and the manufacturing begins.

Every product or system is reviewed as to its Installation. We will ask the questions and offer solutions to that.

Planning for installations.  As many a times products are installed in condensed machinery rooms with very thigh space or entry doors, we will design the products to be able to get them in, and re-assembled once on-spot.


Our ERP system has Projects planning modules and manufacturing modules that are seamlessly interwoven with our design ‘CAD’s, ‘SolidWorks’, and ‘Beam- sites 3 dimensions’ and our RFD Barcodes readers.