Industrial Ventilation
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When I look back at how we started the business more than 50 years ago I am so very thank full for all that we have accomplished.

We started my late partner, Marcel and myself with little money, just him and me doing everything together. We designed, cut the metal sheets, worked the forklift, did the assemblies. Slowly we began hiring. Progressing to bigger manufacturing halls, to bigger projects. Yet we always maintained our Credo.  Excellence above all.

We translated it to every aspect.  When bad times hit, our workers were first to be  paid, even if we did not take any pay check home, we did not save on materials even as they were expensive and we need to stay competitive.  We did not cut corners and we were vigilant about our engineering integrity.

Through hard work and total dedication to our workers and customers, we grew step by step only as our inner resources allowed.  We progressed to introduce ERP and  kept growing by Mergers and Acquisitions. Today we are a complex of companies with hundreds of workers.

Further we are expending our facilities, building a third building on our Ashkelon site and building a new plant for one of our daughter companies.

Personally I am blessed with good partners, customers that challenges us to new heights, committed workers and loving family.

Bless you all


Aharon Shapira, Founder

Pach Taas  PT Group